"Oral sources are generated in a dialogic exchange – an interview -- literally a looking at each other, an exchange of gazes."  - Alessandro Portelli

Oral history methods form one of the strengths of the PSU Public History Program. Over nearly two decades, I have conducted interviews with conscientious objectors and pacifists, community activists, Indigenous fishers and traditional food harvesters, Native leaders and elders, war veterans, and neighborhood organizers.

Select Projects:


Chinook Elders and Leaders. In collaboration with the Chinook Nation Culture Committee, this project spans more than 40 hours of interviews. Audio and transcription files are archived with the Chinook Indian Nation, the Pacific County Historical Society, and on the Chinook history website, Chinook Story, a Chinook Indian Nation/Portland State University collaboration.


Civilian Public Service Camp 56. A collaboration with the Forest Service and Suislaw Nation Forest to collect more than 65 interviews with World War II era conscientious objectors who were housed at CPS 56 at Waldport, Oregon. Audio and transcription files are archived with the Watzek Library Special Collections, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon.